The ASM group is actively involved in teaching activities for the Bachelor and Master Programmes offered at TU Delft. The following is the list of courses taught by the faculty of ASM.

Bachelor level

Practicum Basisvaardigheden (PBV) – 4051PRBVAY – Dr. Rienk Eelkema
Introduction to Chemistry & Thermodynamics – AESB1120 – Prof. Jan van Esch & Dr. Rienk Eelkema
Structuur en eigenschappen van materialen – 4052STEVMY – Prof. Jan van Esch &  Dr.Eduardo Mendes
Scheidingstechnologie – 4052SCHTEY – Dr.Ger Koper
Chemische Nanotechnologie (CNT) – 4052CHNANY – Prof. Jan van Esch & Prof. Stephen Picken

Master level

Design and Synthesis of Advanced Chemical Products (DSP) – CH3162a – Dr.Rienk Eelkema
Polymer Science – CH2071TU – Prof. Stephen Picken and Prof. Theo Dingemanns
Soft Matter for Chemical Products (SMP) – CH3372a – Dr. Eduardo Mendes & Dr. Pouyan Boukany
Interfacial Engineering – CH3011 – Dr. Ger Koper
Supramolecular Chemistry – CH3661 – Prof. Jan van Esch & Dr. Wolter Jager
Polymer Science – CH4011MS – Dr. Eduardo Mendes

Doctoral level

Doctoral candidates at the ASM group can take up courses based on the Doctoral Education trajectory as laid out by the TU Delft Graduate School. For positions, check vacancies.